Automatic Device Security

Protection mandated by The President’s Executive Order (EO) 14028 for all Federal agencies.

Rio's ultimate Wi-Fi security system utilizes what is known in the enterprise world as "Zero Trust Cybersecurity". This method only lets the devices you've approved connect to it, even if someone tries to use your Wi-Fi password without your permission. If a device that you haven't approved tries to connect, it's automatically blocked and held in a waiting area until you give it the green light.

With years of vigorous testing, Rio has finally made this enterprise level of protection simple for any consumer to benefit, without having to hire your own IT person.

Get instant alerts through the free Rio app of any new devices trying to join your network, and with just a one tap, you can let in the ones you trust. It's that easy.

Built-in VPN encryption

Make every online device private.

Rio automatically encrypts and anonymizes all connected devices’ identification, location, and communication.

All devices that connect to Rio, including IoT devices that could not get VPN before (Alexa, smart thermostats, baby monitors, security cameras, doorbells), can now experience true internet privacy.

Watch shows and movies from anywhere in the world without needing to set up a VPN on your phone, TV, or computer. Just switch locations with one tap using the free Rio app.

SecureRoom™ device vault

Seamless sharing, bulletproof security.

Known in the enterprise realm as VLAN's, Rio's SecureRoom™ technology isolates approved devices from communicating with devices in other SecureRooms™. Thwarting cybercriminals from lateral movement to other devices on your Wi-Fi like cameras, doorbells, and more.

Next-gen parental controls

Family-safe browsing, made effortless.

Keeping your children safe online shouldn't be a challenge. With Rio, keeping your children safe online is easy. By allowing access only to pre-approved websites, Rio ensures a secure and focused browsing experience.

Why block sites one by one when there are over a billion out there? Instead of futilely blacklisting harmful sites, Rio only permits access to the safe ones you choose, so your kids can concentrate on their homework without encountering inappropriate content.

Time-based restrictions can be harsh and hard to manage. Rio's streamlined solution guarantees online safety without constant supervision or complex controls.

This same protection extends to IoT devices, ensuring they only communicate with designated servers. Real-time protection blocks hackers from foreign countries and malicious attempts, keeping your home network secure.

Dual-level password guard

No more pain changing passwords.

Effortlessly improve your cyber hygiene with two levels of password protection. Control passwords for both SSID and SecureRoom™, all at your fingertips with the free Rio mobile app.

Say goodbye to re-entering Wi-Fi passwords on every device when you change a single password! Easily change a SecureRoom™ password and log back in only on devices within the room instantly.

Multiple Wi-Fi Networks

Prevent breaches, reduce risks.

Obtaining peace of mind has never been easier with Rio, ensuring your family's online activities are safe and well-managed.

Rio's platform offers customizable and secure network segmentation with its SecureRoom™ technology.

Enjoy 4 separate Wi-Fi networks to keep devices isolated and secured. Easily create up to 16 SecureRooms™ using the mobile app, allowing tailored access controls for each family member.

Access Rio on the go.

Manage settings wherever, whenever.

Traditionally, remote access allows hackers to connect to your router from anywhere in the world if Wide Area Network (WAN) access is enabled. Now it's in the past.

With Rio’s proprietary protection, the router blocks all unauthorized devices from connecting regardless of Wide Area Network access being enabled.

Allowing you the ability to safely check and modify your router settings when away from your home network.

RioMesh™ Extension

Expand the power of Rio.

Extend your Rio security network effortlessly across your entire home or office with RioMesh™. Each Rio unit covers up to 4,800 square feet, and handles up to 8 extender units. Enjoy seamless connectivity over more than 38,000 square feet. Experience unmatched coverage and Wi-Fi security.

Logging and Alerts

Always know what your networks up to.

With Rio's user-friendly interface, you can easily monitor connected devices, manage VPN settings, and customize device names for easy identification.

Enjoy real-time logging, monitoring, and alerts of unauthorized connection attempts. Rest easy with Rio’s automatic blocking of suspicious devices, ensuring your home stays protected.

Speed check your Rio

Website speed tests are in the past.

Check your Wi-Fi speeds without having to open a web browser again! Built into the Rio app, comes an integrated internet speed check scan. Simply open, click, and test.

Casual Guest Protection

Guest devices that are unfamiliar can be given one-time access. Rio will automatically remove the untrusted device from the approved list once it leaves the network. These devices will require re-approval by you if they ever try to access your wi-fi.

Keeping nefarious neighbors or sketchy guests off your network without your knowledge.

Permanent Guest Protection

Have close friends or family visiting often? No problem.

Similiar to casual guest protection, Rio's permanent guest protection assigns those devices to their dedicated SecureRoom™, this time without having the need reapprove when they re-enter your home.

Giving you all the security, with the added convenience.

RioAI™ chat support

Easy network management and includes RioAI™, our 24/7 online AI chatbot available on the dashboard for natural language product support. Users can freely ask questions without being limited to preset options or FAQs. If the AI chatbot does not provide satisfactory assistance, Rio's live person support is available. Rio offers live support via chat, email, and phone support.

Ask RioAI™ chat anything by clicking the green button on your screen.