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Over 50 years of expertise, driving innovation

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John Hui

President, Co-Founder

For over 40 years, John Hui has been a visionary and influential figure in the computer industry, driving innovation and shaping the future of technology. His journey began in 1983 when he founded Everex, a pioneering computer manufacturing company. By 1995, he had taken on the role of president at Korea Data Systems USA, Inc., a leading monitor manufacturer, leveraging this position to co-found the tech start-up eMachines in 1998. John's strategic acumen led to a significant milestone in 2004 when he sold eMachines to Gateway, Inc., becoming the computer hardware giant's second-largest shareholder. His leadership prowess was further demonstrated in 2006 when he became the Chief Executive Officer and owner of Packard Bell, a major player in the personal computing market. In 2009, John took the helm as CEO of InFocus, a prominent LCD manufacturer, steering the company towards new heights. His career continued to evolve as he assumed the role of Chief Strategy Officer at Foxconn, Apple's largest manufacturer, where he contributed to the strategic direction and growth of the global technology powerhouse.

Zack Austin

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

For nearly a decade, Zack has been a key figure in both consumer and enterprise cybersecurity. His expertise has been crucial in bringing enterprise-level security to households, ensuring robust protection against sophisticated threats. His cybersecurity journey began in 2018 as a Malware Analyst, where he meticulously reviewed threat intelligence of newly spawned malware and ransomware campaigns. Providing insight and assistance to customers of all sizes. By 2022, he became Vice President of American made antivirus company, PC Matic. From there, Zack fostered exponential growth to the company, launching new offerings such as VPN services, co-authored NIST Special Publication 1800-35 to assist Federal agencies move their cybersecurity to Zero Trust - mandated by the President of The United States of America. Zack's leadership has been instrumental in enhancing cybersecurity for both the private and public sector. Taking once complex methods of protection, and making them seamless for all to use.